Introducing S1688 Pneumatic

Stencil Cleaner Machine

Simple Operation

High-efficiency generators and transducers
Simplified, reliable solid-state design
Early-warning filter change alarms

Smart Indicating

User-friendly color touchpad interface
Built-in diagnostic and status indicators
Cycle progress indicators

no contamination buildup

Unique filtration system
Cleans SMT-adhesive or solder paste stencils and circuit boards

short process cycle

Complete set of custom handling tools for non-standard stencils, misprinted boards, and more
Integrated drying chamber dries one stencil while the next one is being cleaned

Minimal maintenance required

Standard filter cartridges allow for easy,
Portable-Heavy-duty casters to be easily moved
Cleaning chemicals are permanently recycled-nothing to drain

Low cleaning process costs

Evaporation cleaning agent losses minimized
No complex connections; only a single power connector is necessary
Durable stainless-steel construction

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truly automatic

For cleaning various stencils and misprinted PCBs, the combination of features offered by our S-1688 make it a unique, truly automatic cleaner. The threshold for usefulness of automation is allowing the operator to walk away from the process without worry. Stencil cleaners that require manual positioning and movement of stencils require attention from experienced operators to ensure consistent cleaning.

frees the operator

S-1688 frees the operator by combining a specifically shaped ultrasonic cleaning chamber, continuous filtering of the cleaning bath, automatic indication of liquid level and filter status, and an automatic loading/unloading of the stencil. Its integrated loading arm ensures that every stencil is position precisely the same way in the cleaning tank, and that it is withdrawn from the cleaning chemistry as soon as the cycle is finished. Its filtration system continuously removes soils from the cleaning liquid, often maintaining the cleaning effectiveness of the medium for a year or longer (depending on usage, of course)

economic and environmental

no-rinse, aqueous cleaning agents for 100% closed loop process, for conformity to present and future economic and environmental operating requirements.The operator can start the cycle and walk away from the cleaning operation. Also, its compact footprint, integrated castors, and trivial connection requirements-its only connection is to a 240 volt outlet, with no water or drainage requirements-make it very flexible.

efficient, fast, safe

Pneumatic design of stencil cleaning machine adopts full pneumatic control wash, to clean the stencil type circuit board, can effectively remove the solder paste and flux residue driven by the pneumatic logic control and efficient, fast, safe is cleaning the stencil current and recommended method, using rotating efficient atomization spray arms, four heavy solution filtration cycle use, simple maintenance, all stainless steel body, guarantee the life span.Adjust the appropriate screen hanging rack, move to clean items to center position, can be carried out on the screen or circuit board cleaning.

who build the machine

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  • Thanks for your prompt processing. My Machine arrived just in time for my deployment, Thank you very much for expediting the order. Please pass my regards and thanks to every you guys.

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