Introducing S1688 Pneumatic

Stencil Cleaner Machine

Simple Operation

High-efficiency generators and transducers
Simplified, reliable solid-state design
Early-warning filter change alarms

Smart Indicating

User-friendly color touchpad interface
Built-in diagnostic and status indicators
Cycle progress indicators

no contamination buildup

Unique filtration system
Cleans SMT-adhesive or solder paste stencils and circuit boards

short process cycle

Complete set of custom handling tools for non-standard stencils, misprinted boards, and more
Integrated drying chamber dries one stencil while the next one is being cleaned

Minimal maintenance required

Standard filter cartridges allow for easy,
Portable-Heavy-duty casters to be easily moved
Cleaning chemicals are permanently recycled-nothing to drain

Low cleaning process costs

Evaporation cleaning agent losses minimized
No complex connections; only a single power connector is necessary
Durable stainless-steel construction

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