Ultrasonic PCB cleaner 27 Best Way to Clean Stencils

Best Way to Clean Stencils. We are in the market for a stencil cleaning system. What are the advantages and disadvantages of standard spray cleaning or ultrasonic cleaning for the job? Are there cleaning solutions specifically designed for stencil cleaning?

Let’s start with the second question first because we like to do things in reverse order.

There’s a number of different stencil cleaning systems and certainly best practices are that you should always clean the stencil before putting it away in storage. Never put away a dirty stencil. While you’re at it, inspect it for any damage.

Never continue using a damaged stencil and cleaning is a good time to look at it when you take it off the machine and send it over for cleaning.

As far as spray versus ultrasonic, they both work and  will talk a little bit about that solution but as far as the mechanical action they both work. I have had personally more experience with the ultrasonic.It seems to work well particularly as we get into finer apertures.