Ultrasonic PCB cleaner 1 How to Clean a Stencil

How To Clean your Stencil:

It might be as easy as running the stencil patterns under water and scrubbing with medium pressure using a dish brush! You can keep the stencil flat by placing it on a cutting board of cookie sheet while the water runs and you scrub.

If water just isn’t cutting it, try spraying the stencil ! This is an eco-friendly cleaner that is sure to cut through dried paint. One of our customers,  also suggests using  “Power Dissolver” in the same way.

For the tougher to clean stencils, we advise a presoaking period! You can spray the stencil with any cleaner you see fit (see above), and lay it flat in a plastic trash bag overnight. Afterward, clean as previously recommended.

PS. You can use the presoaking method for dried out brushes as well!