Stencil 1 Stencil Cleaning

When selecting an SMT screen/stencil cleaning process, it is critical to prioritize the deciding factors that are
most important to the user.
• Can the process effectively clean fine and ultra fine-pitch apertures?
• What flux do I need to clean now and will it be necessary to clean a different flux in the future?
• Can the process support these potential changes?
• Can the process clean dry as well as fresh paste?
• Are there other objects to clean, such as misprints, pallets, adhesives, etc.?
• What is the environmental impact?
• What is the capital investment?
• What is the operating cost?
• Are there any health or safety hazards to consider?
• Does the process have any detrimental effects on the stencil?
• What is the maintenance and potential downtime?
• Are there any special handling or storage requirements for flammable or hazardous chemistries?
• Who will take responsibility for correcting the process if it fails to perform?